Wherein Mike Huckabee is Smote.

An Open Letter to Governor Mike Huckabee, from the Creator of the Universe, God “I am who He is” Almighty.

Son, have you lost what’s left of your itsy-bitsy, pea-pickin’ mind? I try to ignore most of what you kids say because, frankly, humans who claim to understand what the “Self-Existent One” thinks used to wind up in the laughing academy, not on the six o’clock news. Your appeal to pathos on Michael Medved’s radio program was floating around the cosmos, however, and I have to say I found it truly offensive.

Look, take it from Theos — nobody’s perfect. But when you claim “black people aren’t fully human,” in 2015, a trip to the sanitarium becomes more likely than one to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Before you accuse “The First and the Last” of taking your statement out of context, remember that I want to be a “very present help in trouble,” Mike, so please take this admonishment to heart. Continue reading “Wherein Mike Huckabee is Smote.”

Mitch McConnell’s Media Meltdown

Mitch McConnell has a meltdown on live radioWhat? Too much? I can’t help if the recent polling makes me mirthful. Okay — I’ll stop. I just wanted to drop this link here so you can hear the latest from Kentucky in this important race to retain the Senate. Democrats have a real shot at sending Mitch on his merry way. If you have any spare shekels — Alison can use all the help she can get right about now — the big money players are banking on retaining the status quo.