Everything Conservatives Know About the Iran Nuclear Treaty is Wrong.

Nuclear blast

Here’s everything you need to know about the nuclear non-proliferation treaty with Iran, negotiated by the US, UK, France, China, Russia and Germany (the P5+1): it’s getting past Congress no matter what. Here’s the rest of the story: Republicans will do everything in their power to embarrass our president (as they have since January 20, 2009), so you can also expect a motion of disapproval to pass the House and Senate when they get back to town early next month.

Here’s what you need to ignore: the tsunami of political attack-style ads that will saturate the airwaves in any state where your Senator or Representative has expressed taking a sober view of the pros and cons of this deal before casting their vote. These people will be called weak and enemies of peace — who are inviting disaster and hastening Armageddon. Except, of course — that’s completely bass ackwards. Continue reading “Everything Conservatives Know About the Iran Nuclear Treaty is Wrong.”

Finally … a Lame Duck!

President ObamaIt’s official — I can finally welcome in President Obama’s lame duck session of Congress. I know what you might be thinking, but hear me out. Normally, when speaking about the often difficult negotiations that happen behind the scenes in Washington, D.C., a president is constrained by virtue of the office from publicly “taking sides.” At least the good ones do.

You might recall when the president addressed the nation following the temporary fix he’d signed to end the Republican-led government shutdown, narrowly averting a default on America’s debt (would you rather the U.S. dollar remain the preeminent reserve currency around the world, or China’s renminbi, conservatives?).

As president, POTUS reminded lawmakers that “disagreement cannot mean dysfunction.” Now that he’s in the home stretch — it appears — he may not always feel he needs to walk directly down the middle of the road. Continue reading “Finally … a Lame Duck!”