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A friend of mine reached out, provided the address of a Facebook page post, and said simply: “unleash.” So — I did. It’s too long to read in one sitting if you’re peckish and need a snack — so do that now. Then visit me on If You Only News to learn how to deal with the terminally stupid in a way that’s both entertaining — and educational.

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Almost Everything Half of America Believes About Ebola is Dead Wrong

Hospital workers conform to CDC protocols

October 16, 2014: Late last night an alert was issued from the White House, advising the president had decided to cancel a visit to Rhode Island and New York, in order to continue “monitoring the ongoing government response to the threat posed by the Ebola virus.” Or, as many right-wing propagandists interpreted that news: “to monitor how fast Obama can give us all ‘the Ebola,’ declare martial law, and take our guns.” They even have a t-shirt. When your entire life revolves around irrational fear, a health crisis half a world away is “an epidemic sweeping across the nation.” Thanks, Obama! Continue reading “Almost Everything Half of America Believes About Ebola is Dead Wrong”

Happy Bloody, Violent, Slave-Trading, Murderer Day!

On this day each year, many state and federal office will be closed to remember the man who wrote “Let us in the name of the Holy Trinity go on sending all the slaves that can be sold.” Today we remember the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, while largely ignoring savage atrocities he wrought upon the indigenous people of the New World. Continue reading “Happy Bloody, Violent, Slave-Trading, Murderer Day!”

Yes, She’s Running.

Former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a speech for Tom Wolf in Pennsylvania — and she sounded like she was taking a few presidential ideas out for a test drive. For example: “A 20th century economy will not work for 21st century families. It is past time for a fresh start.”

She urged the audience not to take anything for granted in this, or any other political race. No contest is over before the ballots are counted. “From my perspective, you can’t count on things turning out the way you wanted, unless you get out and work for it, right?” Right. Watch the video at Politico.

Hillary Clinton in PA

Politicians and Pundits Have Been Counting Their Conservative Eggs Before They’ve Hatched

chicken-or-eggVoters across the country are doing something this midterm election many in the media hadn’t predicted — and which pollsters are now confirming — they’re actually paying attention. The headline stories you’ve seen for six months running were wrong. Across the country, it’s going to be an actual race. Voters have yet to decide who they believe can break the historic gridlock in Washington, D.C. — and that has Republicans running scarred.

The tight races have loosened pursestrings of Republican big money donors, too; they raised a record $15.5 million last month alone. The bad news for the GOP, Continue reading “Politicians and Pundits Have Been Counting Their Conservative Eggs Before They’ve Hatched”

Mitch McConnell’s Media Meltdown

Mitch McConnell has a meltdown on live radioWhat? Too much? I can’t help if the recent polling makes me mirthful. Okay — I’ll stop. I just wanted to drop this link here so you can hear the latest from Kentucky in this important race to retain the Senate. Democrats have a real shot at sending Mitch on his merry way. If you have any spare shekels — Alison can use all the help she can get right about now — the big money players are banking on retaining the status quo.