Enjoying a carafe of conservative tears with my morning covfefe; don’t worry, there’s plenty — I’ll share.

Weasel Words and Treason

Here’s how to perpetuate political division (and sell more advertising space) with wishy-washy language and weasel words : “Investigators are also prying into [Glenn Simpson, Partner of Fusion GPS]’s role in compiling the Russia dossier, which was filled with some stunning but also unsubstantiated allegations.”

“Prying into?” Sounds suspicious and sneaky, when in real life his “role” was “partner” at a firm hired to do research on Donald Trump; full stop. Around 8 times out of ten, researchers at other ” firms,” including media conglomerates and federal agencies who have followed in Glenn’s footsteps, found EXACTLY THE SAME THING as Fusion GPS did — Trump’s tainted. Full stop.

The president of the United States is an asset of Russian intelligence services, whether he UNDERSTANDS that or not (he does). Permits for Trump’s proposed Moscow real estate deal were the laser pointer Putin used to toy with Trump (and now I owe an apology to cats worldwide). Putin also made sure there was a bevy of eastern European arm candy, models and pageant contestants for Donald to “grab” when he was in the vicinity. He DID marry one. She IS First Lady of the United States … correct?

A vast majority of allegations contained in the Trump dossier have been independently verified as FACT. While it’s TRUE some of those FACTS might have been “stunning” if not downright salacious, when journalists (or more likely their editors) hitch “but also unsubstantiated allegations” to Trump’s treason wagon, every racist, xenophobic, pro-Russia, anti-democratic voice in America screams “SEE?! They can’t prove he hired prostitutes to trash the presidential suite (because Barack Obama slept there) — and if we can’t see the pee-pee tape, then how do we know if ANY of it is true?”

Because of journalism. Because federal agents were listening. Because there was an FBI mole inside Trump’s campaign (from Day One). Because there are witnesses (most of them still alive). Because nothing else sounds like the truth — and you KNOW most of this stuff is absolutely true … every salacious detail. Those four little words, however, dilute and pollute the selling of our government to foreign agents and the end of the American experiment in representative democracy as we know it.

Last year at this time, the previous sentence (or perhaps the entire post) would have (and should have) been dismissed as nothing more than political hyperbole. Well, it’s a year later, isn’t it?

Now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of their country. Full stop.

My secret wish …

With apologies where necessary:

Hey! If any of you are looking for any last-minute gift ideas for me, I have one. I’d like Donald Trump, the “president”, right here tonight.

I want him brought from his happy holiday slumber over there at Mar-A-Lago with all the other rich people and I want him brought right here, with a big ribbon on his head, and I want to look him straight in the eye and I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit he is! Hallelujah!

Holy shit! Where’s the Tylenol?

Let’s Have a Party.

I don’t have brown skin or speak Spanish, but my brother does. I won’t face another day of condescending comments or assumptions of ignorance; my sister will. When the social safety net collapses (separating life-changing medications from your healthcare dollars like wheat from chaff), my life goes on as usual; my friend’s won’t. I’d like to tell you all about it and share some real news from a liberal perspective, but I don’t know how. Heaven forbid I play favorites. Besides, this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been blacklisted — so let’s just start with a blank slate.

More than once I’ve dipped a toe into the clicks-for-cash world of news and social awareness, but when it came time to divvy up the spoils, I always walked away empty-handed. I’m certain there was money on the table (feel free to check my math), but I’ve profited exactly zero dollars from any of this nonsense. If that was your table: you’re welcome.

I thought the whole idea was sharing. I figured the importance of waking people up, sharing the truth, and getting ourselves organized was the point of all the noise — but I always forget to factor in the greed. “You’re starting up something of your own? Allow me to lend a hand.” That was it. I had no ulterior motive. I find it amusing we’ve come to place where it needs saying out loud.

I heard myself repeating, “I really had no idea how naive I was” over and over while talking with a friend, but then that’s really Tom for ‘ya. Steinbeck’s protagonist isn’t Springsteen’s ghost — and we’ve projected an awful lot on the later as well. Tom’ll get “mean mad” and fly off the handle — me, too. Tom’ll try and pass along the message, but I “never seen so many guys with guns. Don’t know if they’ll even let a fella talk.” Me, either.

I’ve liked a lot of things about and on Facebook (try not to read too much into a sentence fragment, okay?), and I’ve shared some amazing messages from other inspired authors. That was fun. I’ve chased clicks for cash and watched what scratching and clawing for the almighty dollar does … even among big-hearted progressives. That wasn’t much fun to witness. Don’t think I’ll do that again.

“I have a little food” plus “I have none.” If from this problem the sum is “We have a little food,” the thing is on its way, the movement has direction.”

The movement has direction: July 4, 2018, meet me on the Capitol Mall in Washington, D.C., for an “Independence (From Trump) Day” rally. I’m either going to be celebrating his resignation, or plan to find out what happens “if all our folks got together and yelled.”

Trust me, I’ll be thrilled to tears when I learn that The Late Show with Stephen Colbert or Trevor Noah turn this idea into an elevator pitch and get Comedy Central or CBS to pay for the whole shebang. I’ll even buy a ticket — IDGAF. If there’s a MAGA party already in progress? … I REALLY think we should crash. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Image(s): National Mall Coalition, July 4th, Tom Wachs Photography, His Royal Baldness, Donald Trump and me. Oh, yeah … #ThePresidentIsAnAsshole

For every action …


Earlier this morning on Facebook I wrote “I’d like to know where to go to reject my citizenship. I don’t believe I’ve ever felt more shame having to wear the label “American.” I lost it there for a second, after seeing Donald Trump re-tweet xenophobic claptrap from a “Britain First” puppet … polluting his feed (which the WH Press Secretary has made clear are official documents of this administration), with extreme violence, promoting racial tensions.

It took a conservative voter asking “are we supposed to pretend evil doesn’t exist?” for me to examine — rationally — WHY I was ready to grab my go-bag and head for the border (three hours and change, if I push it). I thought, “I’m not thinking clearly.” None of us are, frankly. It’s all just too, too much.

If we’re going to survive this administration (personal odds had us at  80/20 for the republic’s survival prior to that N. Korean ICBM test…) we have to STOP. And THINK. As I said in a previous essay, “ponder, even.” Go ahead … it won’t hurt … much. Of course evil exists — and I told our conservative friend, “evil is as real as a breeze on your face.” Think about that. Continue reading “For every action …”


If the Internet is correct, that’s Navajo for “asshole.” Beyond that — I can’t even. Referring to Senator Warren as “Pocahontas” is passé  for POTUS — it’s really one of the milder racial slurs we’ve come to expect from him.

What’s always striking to me is the genuineness of these awkward asides … for me, that’s the only time you see the real Trump. Stupid to the bone. Convinced he’s brilliant. Surrounded by sycophants and tyrants. These really are dark days for the republic.

Logic is Overrated

“It’s just, well as long as I’m an outlaw anyways… maybe I can do somethin’… maybe I can just find out somethin’, just scrounge around and maybe find out what it is that’s wrong and see if they ain’t somethin’ that can be done about it. I ain’t thought it out all clear, Ma.”

Words matter. Someone gave the president a masterfully intricate, hand-crafted collection of the best words available, all intended to promote a fallacy of relevance: argumentum ad baculum, or the “might makes right” fallacy. And just like that, Donald’s words shouldn’t matter — but they still do, because he’s POTUS.

Yes, it’s ironic that Donald Trump chose a “fallacy of relevance” to defend his failing presidency, but the consequences could be catastrophic. If you go look, you’ll see that pretty much every knife in Donald’s drawer is a fallacy of relevance, including the genetic fallacy, ad hominem, ad populum, or ad misericordiam (literally an “argument from pity”). Poor Donald. This job is HARD.

There is nothing new or particularly surprising here — conservatives have always responded to the “strict father” (do as I say) model of governance. ‘I don’t care if you love me or not, there are rules in my house. I’m sorry your brothers just opened up a six inch laceration across your scalp — it was an accident — now say you love them. We’re a family. Say it.’

Wait, what? You didn’t hear that? Well, the transcript is available for the media, pundits and others to discuss ad nauseum; I’ve done many a deep-dive into the language deployed to destabilize our democracy. But yeah — this speech was designed to put Charlottesville in the rear view mirror. ‘Families squabble. Get over it and get past it, because the men and women sitting in front of me might just lose a limb or their lives if you don’t.’ Seriously — it’s all there if you just look. Continue reading “Logic is Overrated”

Is This It?

Is this it? Because it feels like this is it. Here’s why I say “words matter”: you either read “it” as “holy crap, there’s a madman in the White House and we’re all gonna diiiiiiiie” or “Americans did build a wall — 20,000 souls strong — to keep hate out of Boston.” #BostonStrong

 We ARE stronger together and yes, we can build a future to believe in. But first we have to stop fighting with each other or looking at past decisions with regret. I’m looking at you, Trump voters. Put on some Bill Clinton rally songs if it’ll help lift the darkness which has been clouding rational thought lately. Don’t stop believing in tomorrow — yesterday’s gone — the only question is what will you do with today?

 I’ve used the parable of the blind men many times — to remind myself how many different perspectives of the same reality are not only possible, but to be expected. This is large and flat and must be a fan. No, it’s round and long and must be a rope. Well this is it — we’ve been rocked backwards and our eyes are finally open. The real problem is there’s an elephant in the House — and the Senate. We need to get it out before we can deal with the mess.

Demanding Republicans denounce Trump with the same fervor they will white supremacy, however, is a fool’s errand. They want their tax cuts — and we need Donald’s signature on a bipartisan infrastructure bill that my pal Al, Al Franken, Giant of the Senate, helped craft.

Donald took a step back and saw “both sides,” which he and a disturbingly large number of your fellow citizens believe is rational. False equivalence is nothing new with these people; “… more people get killed by cars than guns, so … um … geez, I should probably stop talking now, huh?” Nobody wants to find a cure for Donald’s Twitter Tourette’s more than the GOP leadership — but I think “it” is good for America at the moment.

It probably took someone as vile as Donald Trump pretending to represent American values, to finally remind us all what they really are.

 You’re welcome.