If Dick Cheney’s Lips Are Moving, He’s Lying.

Dick Cheney

I’ve written many times of my belief that the American experiment has drifted into a “post-truth period” of history. Today, easily verifiable facts are presented side-by-side with outrageous falsehoods, and few in the media blink an eye. When they do attempt to set the record straight, it’s often shrugged off by a distracted electorate as being ‘just more partisan bickering’ or political spin.

“There are two sides to every story,” your political nemesis will insist. Perhaps, but it depends on the story. What’s missing from their riveting political analysis, including claims that “both sides are the same,” or “everyone fudges a little bit” is this: there’s only one version of the truth. 2+2 still equals 4.

There are two hot button issues waiting for Congress when they return to Washington from recess. The “Iran Deal” and the Center for Medical Progress (CMP)’s defamatory smear campaign of Planned Parenthood (providing reproductive and sexual health care services to 2.7 million women and men at approximately 700 community health centers nationwide each year). CMP’s goal is to convince Congress to erase funding for Planned Parenthood clinics during the upcoming budget negotiations. Yes, TEA Partiers have already threatened to shut down the government over the issue. Continue reading “If Dick Cheney’s Lips Are Moving, He’s Lying.”

Ted’s Dead — in the polls, anyway.

Raphael Cruz: Senator Smarmy


Stick a fork in it, Senator Raphael Edward “Ted” Cruz, your presidential campaign is officially over. It’s been apparent from the get-go that yours was just a vanity tour — one more chance to hear yourself talk about nothing in particular. The downside to making a spectacle of yourself during primary season, Raphael, is people have a tendency to notice how often you vacillate on those “core beliefs” you hold so dear — that “principled stand” you’re taking looks mighty shaky. The “grassroots wave” your new campaign video touts — is more like a leaky faucet — and you’re the drip.

It takes a lot of chutzpah to bad-mouth GOP leadership on an issue that — only last week — you were talking up to anyone who’d listen. Trust me — I’m not with the president on this one — Fast Track is a bad idea. If the United States is going to enter into a treaty with another nation [or nations], it needs to be ratified by you guys — by a two-thirds majority, no less. Calling it something else [“free trade”] and pretending this is not a treaty is just disingenuous twaddle.

But here’s the deal, Ed — people still read the Wall Street Journal. They remember that you called Trade Promotion Authority a “fair deal.” You voted for it. Changing your mind about it because über-conservatives hate the president — and then poo-pooing the deal now that you’re out there rubbing elbows and shaking the calloused hands of American workers — is pretty lame. Quite the about-face. Besides — let’s remember who’s writing the big checks that pay for those fancy presidential campaigns — it’s the fat-cat corporate donors [who all LOVE TPA]. Rock, meet hard place.

If you’ve got it in you to keep criss-crossing Iowa, holding prayer meetings or tent revivals, or whatever you call it — God bless. Just know that you’d have a better chance sprouting wings and flying back to Texas — than you do of getting the nomination. We all remember the government shutdown — and I, for one, want my $24 billion back, Eddie. You don’t get to furlough 800,000 workers — and then cry crocodile tears over at the veteran’s memorial with part-time Governor Palin.

I’d like the next president to have at least a passing acquaintance with foreign policy, too. All I know for certain is you excel at the ‘let’s pick the opposite policy’ game. That doesn’t make you look like a staunch defender of freedom — willing to go toe-to-toe with the president on difficult international issues — it just makes you look like a crazy person. Yes — helping countries affected by the terrorist organization known as ISIS [or ISIL] is a good thing. No — we can’t do that without providing those nations with material — and the personnel who can train them — from the United States military.

Pack it up, Edward — the longer you stay at this, the worse it’s going to get. Jesus, man, this isn’t brain surgery — you’ve losing to Dr. Ben Carson. Mike Huckabee’s already got the God squad thing going — and John Ellis (Jeb!) and Marco are duking it to see who the voters think is more Latino (not that you particularly embrace the “Raphael” portion of being a “Cruz” anyway). Everyone knows this is John Ellis (Jeb!)’s to lose. Walker is trying to make a showing — but he got smoked by Donald Trump in the New Hampshire polls. Walker’s seen as the “Washington outsider” in the race (because people tend to forget about Piyush “Bobby” Jindal), but he’s got a Koch habit that’s going to be tough to shake.

You’re never, ever going to get your poll numbers out of the single digits — so stop gazing longingly at your own reflection long enough to take stock of your position. It’s Bush, Walker, Rubio, Carson, Huckabee, Paul — with Trump getting a bump from his ad-libbed infomercial. Save us from listening to more incoherent and inconsistent foreign policy positions. Spare us the proposals of more “for the Bible tells me so” legislation. Jesus loves you, Ted — but most of the country believes you’re nothing but a pompous blowhard. According to recent polling — approximately 94.2% of likely Republican voters do, too.

You’re welcome.

Southern Pride Yields a Bitter Crop



As I began to put down a few observations about the battle flag brouhaha in South Carolina, my iPhone alerted me to the news that Governor Nikki Haley was expected at any moment, ready to announce the flag of General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia will be removed from the Confederate Soldiers War Memorial, located on the capitol grounds. That just happened. I expected her to be late — since they likely needed a head count, rather than be embarrassed at some future date, when the requisite two thirds of state legislators failed to agree on its removal.

Retiring the flag to its proper place in American history — on mothballs in a museum — isn’t really going to change anything, though. People are still going to have it tattooed across their chest — fly it from their front porch — or wave it “proudly” as the cameras pan the crowd at any of this summer’s NASCAR events. The same defiance that led their great-great grandfathers to secede from the union is still smoldering deep inside — and I have to believe that for many ‘good ole boys,’ the flag isn’t so much a symbol of racial intolerance, but of the willingness to spit in the eye of authority. Continue reading “Southern Pride Yields a Bitter Crop”

This [Expletive] Racist TEA Party [Expletive] Needs to Be In a FEMA Camp.

GrrrrrrrrSo there I am, minding my own business, sipping on my first cup of coffee and seeing who’s doing what online and right #$¢%ing out-of-the-gate, some TEA Party #$¢%-stick decides to pee in my Wheaties®. I couldn’t get past the first ten seconds to know it wasn’t going to end well, but I decided to look a little deeper down his rabbit hole of insanity. Call it Islamaphobic RWNJ spelunking, if you will; I never found bottom.

This guy went so far as to post that he ‘figgers’ the president of the United States, ‘more’n like,’ has sex with his daughters and need to go #$¢% his “man-wife.” You’d think that’d be the worst of it; you’d be wrong. As I said, I never saw a line he wouldn’t cross, clinging to his guns and paranoid delusions as he stands up for ‘Murica! Ladies and gentlemen – meet #$¢%ing Drew.