If Dick Cheney’s Lips Are Moving, He’s Lying.

Dick Cheney

I’ve written many times of my belief that the American experiment has drifted into a “post-truth period” of history. Today, easily verifiable facts are presented side-by-side with outrageous falsehoods, and few in the media blink an eye. When they do attempt to set the record straight, it’s often shrugged off by a distracted electorate as being ‘just more partisan bickering’ or political spin.

“There are two sides to every story,” your political nemesis will insist. Perhaps, but it depends on the story. What’s missing from their riveting political analysis, including claims that “both sides are the same,” or “everyone fudges a little bit” is this: there’s only one version of the truth. 2+2 still equals 4.

There are two hot button issues waiting for Congress when they return to Washington from recess. The “Iran Deal” and the Center for Medical Progress (CMP)’s defamatory smear campaign of Planned Parenthood (providing reproductive and sexual health care services to 2.7 million women and men at approximately 700 community health centers nationwide each year). CMP’s goal is to convince Congress to erase funding for Planned Parenthood clinics during the upcoming budget negotiations. Yes, TEA Partiers have already threatened to shut down the government over the issue. Continue reading “If Dick Cheney’s Lips Are Moving, He’s Lying.”

Donald, the Great and Powerful


I’ll admit it. I’m stumped. It seems pretty clear that a Democratic shift in 2016 will be thanks, in large measure, to Donald Trump — but it carries a pretty hefty price tag. The only question in my mind is how that’s going to play out. Consider this: in 1860, over 80% of those eligible at the time turned out to vote in the quadrennial contest to become president (compared to 55% in 2012). Ask most Americans (okay, ask those who follow politics), and they’ll tell you that Abraham Lincoln defeated Stephen Douglas to win the office. But of the roughly 4.7 million white males who voted that year, President Lincoln won just 39% of the vote. Wait, what?

We owe a debt of gratitude to the Southern Democratic and Constitutional Union parties (the first formed to defend slavery — and the later to preserve the union at all costs), who split the vote. Donald Trump is poised to do the exact same thing for the 2016 Democratic nominee — and it scares the pants off the GOP. You reap what you sow, kids. The right been pandering to the bigoted, jingoistic, Republican Jesus™ loving crowd for decades — and now the crazy has come home to roost. Continue reading “Donald, the Great and Powerful”

Jeb Bush Blames …

everyone  but his idiot brother, George. As predicted, (Jeb!) sat down with Fox News and attempted to shift the blame for the rise of ISIS from W’s mangled foreign policies — to President Obama. As Jon Stewart told us: “if you smell something, say something.”

Don’t Know Much ‘Bout History

Andrea Tantaros


I really wanted to be done with this subject, Andrea Tantaros, but then you had to go and say something so monumentally st-st-stupid, “it baffled the mind.” I got that old familiar twitch behind my left eye when I heard you say “You know what baffles the mind? This isn’t a Republican flag. Historically this was the flag of southern Democrats. Remember that … fact?” No — no, I don’t. It was the battle flag of General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia, you twit. That’s it — it may be a symbol for others when viewed through the lens of history, but it wasn’t about party.

I know this all happened a long, long time ago, but this is as silly as still claiming Abraham Lincoln’s party affiliation for your own — as though that has anything whatsoever to do with today’s ideologically-opposite Republican party.

Southern Democrats were not the progressives — I could probably make a case that many still aren’t, but let’s leave that for another day. What  “baffled the mind” was you trying to conflate today’s party affiliations with beliefs held 150 years ago. Those “southern Democrats” of yours are the same ones responsible for electing Harry Truman — but WAIT — there’s more. They were so regressive — and dead set against having anything to do with the national Democratic party — they formed their own “State’s Rights” party.

Basically, these “Democrats” of yours came in two ideological flavors — the “State’s Rights Democratic Party” (which would account for most of today’s southern Republicans) and the “National States’ Rights Party” (those further out on the fringe, including John Bircher’s, white supremacists, and some TEA Party conservatives). Are you with me so far, Andrea? Please — continue.    

“I find this flag offensive,” which is your right — a lot of people do. That’s why it’s been removed from state grounds in South Carolina. “This flag represents the fight in slavery” — I think you mean “for,” or “to maintain” —  “and it was a flag of southern Democrats — Democrats — used to fly this against northern Republicans, so I’m not sure why Republicans are getting peppered over this.” You’re not sure of a lot of things, are you, Andrea?

They’re being “peppered” with questions about this, because America has once again begun the process of selecting a man or woman to lead ALL Americans — right/left, black/white, Christian/Muslim, etc. And the stammering and equivocating and multiple/contrasting positions offered by Republicans tell voters quite a bit about the clowns aboard the GOP bus. They’re so worried about offending the “National States’ Rights Party” voters (those out on the lunatic fringe, who they need to win the Republican primary), most of them were acting like a deer caught in the headlights.

“I think that Mike Huckabee made a very good point.” Yes, Andrea — you would — being a coworker at the network and all. “He said this is being used to bait Republicans into a trap.” Wait, what? Asking a presidential candidate for an opinion is “a trap?” You mean — if they’re forced to take a position on what many of their “potential constituents” see as a hate symbol — they’ll be “trapped” into losing the support of the racist bigots who watch your programming? Heaven forbid!

“I mean — think about it.” That’s good advice, Andrea — you should try it sometime. “This is the legitimate rape litmus test we saw in the last election.” Oh no you didn’t! You choose NOW to retread Todd Akin’s offensive comments? Look, I know that former Governor Huckabee continued to campaign for the man who said pregnancy is unlikely when it’s — what he called — a “legitimate rape” — but that doesn’t constitute a “trap.”

“They’re trying to divide and they’re trying to trap Republicans.” No, no, no … we’re trying to get you to take a position and stick with it — instead of constantly being disingenuous hypocrites. Sure, Democratic politicians do it, too — saying whatever is politically expedient depending on the audience — but you guys have this hypocrisy thing down to a science. Southern Democrats of the Civil War era are today’s Republicans and TEA Party voters. Full stop. You should have learned this in high school — now you know.

You’re welcome.