Is This It?

Is this it? Because it feels like this is it. Here’s why I say “words matter”: you either read “it” as “holy crap, there’s a madman in the White House and we’re all gonna diiiiiiiie” or “Americans did build a wall — 20,000 souls strong — to keep hate out of Boston.” #BostonStrong

 We ARE stronger together and yes, we can build a future to believe in. But first we have to stop fighting with each other or looking at past decisions with regret. I’m looking at you, Trump voters. Put on some Bill Clinton rally songs if it’ll help lift the darkness which has been clouding rational thought lately. Don’t stop believing in tomorrow — yesterday’s gone — the only question is what will you do with today?

 I’ve used the parable of the blind men many times — to remind myself how many different perspectives of the same reality are not only possible, but to be expected. This is large and flat and must be a fan. No, it’s round and long and must be a rope. Well this is it — we’ve been rocked backwards and our eyes are finally open. The real problem is there’s an elephant in the House — and the Senate. We need to get it out before we can deal with the mess.

Demanding Republicans denounce Trump with the same fervor they will white supremacy, however, is a fool’s errand. They want their tax cuts — and we need Donald’s signature on a bipartisan infrastructure bill that my pal Al, Al Franken, Giant of the Senate, helped craft.

Donald took a step back and saw “both sides,” which he and a disturbingly large number of your fellow citizens believe is rational. False equivalence is nothing new with these people; “… more people get killed by cars than guns, so … um … geez, I should probably stop talking now, huh?” Nobody wants to find a cure for Donald’s Twitter Tourette’s more than the GOP leadership — but I think “it” is good for America at the moment.

It probably took someone as vile as Donald Trump pretending to represent American values, to finally remind us all what they really are.

 You’re welcome.

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